I can get pretty impatient and bland sometimes. I kinda just slap things together and keep moving. As a busy mother, I have a fair bit to do, and as much as I love looking at other people’s creativity, I just never felt it was so important in my life.

But the more I live, the more I go through times of plenty and times of less, the more I see that things that seem like frivolous activities, are actually vital, not only to our happiness, but also our health.

So if you need a little convincing, here are 8 Reasons Why You Need Creativity In Your Life.

Before I tell you though, I discovered something recently

I’ve always thought of creativity as songs, art, pictures, dancing and so forth. But creativity is much broader than that. It drives me crazy making pretty pictures for my Pinterest sometimes (it’s just not my strong point), but I love expression through words. It’s just different forms of creativity.

So spend some time thinking about what kinds of creativity makes you happy and sparks your passion.

1.      The Future Is Creativity And Problem Solving

So I’m starting with the practical. It is the future. Being an innovator, thinking laterally and creating solutions to problems is growing into big business. You don’t have to use creativity in the form why you need creativity in your lifeof art, you could be an inventor. Our world is evolving, and thinking creatively to solve problems will be how our children will be educated more and more.

2.      Developing A Skill

Being a life-long learner and committed to your own personal growth is becoming more of a need than a want these days. If you are practical like me, then you can channel your creative energy towards something that can either help people, make you money, or can be used to make your work easier.

I always feel proud developing new skills. It’s fun and is an amazing form of self-expression.

3.      Exercising Your Brain

Stretching the old grey matter can help keep your brain active. The saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it” and creativity activates all sorts of different brain cells that may get neglected with other tasks. Crosswords are fun, but exercise your brain in a way that allows you to flow with something you love and are passionate about.

4.      Makes You A Better Worker

why we need creativity in our livesWhen you are exercising your brain, expressing yourself in some manner and using creativity to enjoy your life, you just perform better at your job. There are practical ways that you can integrate creativity into your work I’m sure, but just being happier and taking the time for yourself makes you more productive.

5.      Having Hobbies Makes Us Happier = Healthier

The happier we are, the more dopamine we have and less cortisol pumping through our bodies making us sick. Happy people are healthier, and having hobbies and taking time to ourselves and allowing ourselves to have self-expression is all a form of self-care. You can channel your creativity into a hobby or elsewhere, whatever suits your lifestyle.

6.      It’s A Form Of Mindfulness

When we are focused on the task at hand, we are in the present moment. Mindfulness techniques are known to reduce anxiety and if you aren’t so good at meditating, finding time to work on a creative task is a great alternative. Those adult colouring in books are a good example of how people have come to understand creativity as a form of mindfulness.

7.      Surround Yourself With Beauty

Creativity is often a beautiful thing. Having beautiful things that we have created makes us feel accomplished and proud. Yes it takes time and practice to develop those skills, but good things come why you need creativity in your lifeto those who… work hard and don’t give up. Having beauty in your house and in your life increases your happiness.

8.      There Is A Connection With Spiritual Growth

I never really thought of this until recently, but self-expression, dance, music, inner peace and so forth are considered by some as spiritual aspects of our lives. It’s important to take care of our spiritual growth, as much as it is our bodies. I’m a little less into New Age things and religion (though I do have that aspect in my life), so having a different way that I can grow spiritually, as well as character building, then I truly appreciate the impact creativity can have on my soul.


There are many different reasons to have creativity in your life, mostly it just makes you happier. Take some time and search in yourself what kind of creativity you might enjoy and give it a go! It’s not a waste of time to take care of yourself and develop a skill. Love yourself, love your life and live fully!

The reason I’ve learnt about my own creativity honestly is because I’ve been unleashing it here in my blog. I love to write as one form of creativity, and I wouldn’t have discovered it if it wasn’t from the help of my mentors. I’m using my creativity as a skill to create an online business I love. If you think that that’s something you would like to explore, you can meet my mentors by clicking here and getting some videos sent to your email with no obligation at all.

Take Care.

I’m a Blogger, Introvert, Old Soul, Chocolate Lover and a Mum from Australia. I passionately believe that ordinary people can and will change the world!
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