what you focus on growsIt’s all linked in with The Law Of Attraction – What You Focus On Grows! When you spend your days thinking “I don’t want debt” and how it makes you feel, you attract more debt. I learned all this in my Online Business Training actually when I was reading Stuart Lichtman’s book “How To Get Money For Anything Fast” which sounds like a kicker of a title haha, but it’s really just about the law of attraction and how to reprogram your subconscious mind to work for you and not against you (yeah this is part of my business training – because we are our own worst enemies I swear!).

But yes, so have a sticky beak at my video below where I go into more details about this. Instead of thinking “I need less debt”, think “I need more income” and what you are willing to do for that. Then start working towards it. Focus on the positive and then have gratitude for your situation right now (yeah I know that’s the hard part but it’s also the key most important bit)!

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I’m a Blogger, Introvert, Old Soul, Chocolate Lover and a Mum from Australia. I passionately believe that ordinary people can and will change the world!
I believe the best way to create a better life with more time, money and travel is to own an online business based around your passions and I feel so strongly about helping women achieve it!
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