what is women's empowermentThere are so many different ideas out there about What Is Women’s Empowerment, if we as women are still marginalised and if empowerment is still needed today in developed countries.


I use to think it was “job done” because we can vote and work now here in Western Civilization. There is still a lot to be done about equal opportunities in other countries, but we do find now that direct discrimination has lessened, it’s more the subtle forms that are harder to manage on a federal level that impact women every day. So What Is Women’s Empowerment and how does it apply to me?

Let me explain.

I’m Not A “Feminist” As People Think It


What Is Women’s EmpowermentWhen I use to picture a Feminist I always imaged some hairy woman with a victim mentality screaming hysterically at rallies or marches. Yeah they are out there of course, but true feminism is:

the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

Which is all hunky dorey, but as Tiffany Wilks says,

Last year, The Huffington Post and YouGov took a poll asking Americans if they consider themselves a feminist. According to the poll, only one-fifth of Americans identify as feminists. What’s interesting is that in the same poll, 82 percent of Americans believe that men and women should be equal. So it’s not the ideas of feminism that are the problem, it’s the word feminism itself.

So I do believe that everyone has the right to make choices and to live how they want to live, I just don’t like what people have made the word “feminism” into. Personally, I like being a bit of a “housewife” and a nurturer and I don’t feel weak or marginalised at all by choosing that. If any woman were to tell me I was letting my sex down by not being a ball busting, money driven career girl (and there is nothing wrong with that if you choose it) then they are going against the true meaning of Feminism themselves.


If He’s The Best Man For The Job Then He Deserves It


Finding Purpose In WorkGosh I wish I could remember where I read this article, it changed how I viewed how indirect disadvantages are given to select people. Here’s a basic idea:

Say the most powerful executives in an organisation are white men. They hang out together after work and whatever. Another white man joins the company as a worker or apprentice. He has a lot in common with the senior executives and they start hanging out socially. He is given more opportunities, listened to easily, more social connections etc.

A new position pops up for a promotion. Who do you think is the best person for the job? Most likely that man as he would have the most experience, worked on better projects and be connected to the right people.

I never thought of how this “boys club” might impact the opportunities of others. Especially women who are usually the ones to take maternity leave, are the primary caregivers for their children (which means more sick days) and so forth. People have the right to be friends with whoever they like, but we do have to understand this impacts on who might be “the best man for the job”.

So What Can We Do?


I read the most fantastic article by Jin In from The Huffington Post and she has some fantastic statistics but this really caught my attention:

For those young women who became agents of change – empowered – how did this happen? A staggering 46% replied “self-awareness,” a process of “knowing who they are.” This was followed by experience. Education was a distant third… Foremost, it is a call to action to support girls and young women in self-actualizing their inner power – empower – to truly leapfrog women’s empowerment. The next generation of empowered women leaders and changemakers will transform our world.

can you trust anything you hear these days?And all of this makes sense. So one of the best ways we can empower ourselves as women is to increase our self-awareness. You can imagine this is very exciting for me as a Self-Awareness and Empowerment Blogger.

We don’t need more education necessarily – that battle is won. What we need is to embrace our Feminine strengths which Elizabeth Gavino says include:

…feminine energy is rooted in intuition, receptivity, collaboration, creativity and feelings, to name a few. Make no mistake that feminine energy is not submissive nor is it weak.

Don’t feel like you have to think like a man in order to beat him – it’s not a competition and it irritates me to tears that our culture mostly embraces “masculine” qualities.

As an Entrepreneur on the internet and in my community, we are finding more it is the feminine qualities of collaboration, community, intuition and creativity that are really leading the way in creating success in our Online Businesses (click here to learn how you can join my community and create an Online Business Too).



What Is Women’s Empowerment? It’s our ability to make choices and turn those choices into actions and outcomes.

It applies to you because a lot of difficulties are still going on because they are deeply embedded at a cultural level every day. Women need to feel like they can choose to do and be whoever they want and it’s just as achievable for anyone who works for it.

One of the best things that you can do right now is to increase your self-awareness. Learn what you are passionate about, what you are good at, your strengths and weaknesses so that you can grow them and capitalise on them.

This is why I love my online business so much – because I truly see the internet as an amazing way to stop competing with each other and start working together. We are only in competition with ourselves and we draw the people to us from around the world with like-minded values. It’s amazing!

If you think this is something you would like to learn more about, click here to meet my mentors and access their Free 7 Day Training Series sent to your email to learn how you can create an online business that will give  you the opportunity to break away and create a business that you don’t have to compete in.

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