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A Solution Focused Mindset! It sounds obvious and yet so many people don’t do it! I never use to! It’s a great habit to get into and I know this simple shift in my own mindset really created massive change in my life, and I really hope it helps yours too!


Hi everyone! My name is Kathryn and I’m from Women Seeking Wisdom and welcome to my kitchen!

So today I really wanted to ask you about, when you are faced with a particular problem what’s your first reaction? And something that I developed ages ago, I didn’t really understand what I was doing. I think particularly when my daughter was a baby actually, you know when they get so frustrated, the poor little things. They’re trying to desperately get that square block into that circle hole and they just can’t work out what’s going on. And my daughter used to get really angry and she’d throw it. She’d like umm, she always used to do that.

She was almost a little bit cartoony actually she’d throw it then she’d cry and she dropped the bottom lip. Such a funny little thing. But I used to… she’s 7 now, so I used to say to her like you know “come on it’s okay and come on let’s have a look at this”, you know I’d say, “let’s look at this problem”.

And I always did that.

I didn’t even really think. I just thought it was good parenting you know haha. Wahoo! Yay for me! But then I really started applying that solution focused mindsetto the rest of my life, and particularly since joining a group: my community and everything with entrepreneurship and everything, I realized it’s actually an entrepreneur mindset.

So I don’t know what or if someone else has coined it as anything. I’m going to call it “a solution-focused mindset”.

So I kind of over the years have really just developed it and just taken it further and applied it to all other areas.

And I found it incredibly helpful and very constructive and empowering in all areas of my life.

So relationships and work and everything else. So it’s been great actually. So very very good. So yeah, anytime anything happens, like I you know, depending what I have is I mean you can be quite emotional and pissed off and whatever else about whatever happened. That’s fine, but then you just take a deep breath and you’re like “Okay. What am I going to do about this?” and it sounds really simple, but I just realised, like how many people do it?

And I don’t think as many people as I kind of thought.

solution focused mindsetI have a tendency to think that just because I know it, I think everyone else knows it. And everyone else does it and that you’re behind the eight ball. And actually most of the time, you know well you know there’s people out there, and there’s other people who aren’t. So you know. So I thought I’d share that with you! Like more than anything, it’s quite simple. It’s just a habit actually. So you know when something happens, “Okay that happened and what am I going to do? What’s my plan of attack? Like what’s the first step?”. And yeah. Absolutely, like I mean that sounds simple, but it’s life changing. So yeah, and do you have any life changing sort of simple little thought patterns that you found really helpful? I’d love to know!

Drop me a comment and i will catch you later!

Take Care Of You 😀

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