mentally burnt outEvery day Facebook is showing me so many posts about how women feel like they want to go home and just drink wine because they are stressed and exhausted. Now I’m all for a good social drink, but if your life is so hectic you want to drink every night to cope you’ve got a problem. Not cool. Why is this glamorised? They have a name for this – alcoholic!

But I’m not saying this to judge you, not at all. I’m worried because so many women share the same reason behind the drinking and binge eating – stress. Our modern lives have spiralled into craziness! The lifestyles and expectations we have aren’t congruent to good health. We want to be super mums who have it all (and you can be if you play the game right – click here to learn more) but for most women it’s a never ending cycle of surviving each day with the kids alive.

So I want to share a video with you that I made, but under I’ve just summarised my tips that can help bring you back from burnout.

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My Tips To Help Come Back From Being Close To Mentally Burnt Out

Are as follows:

  • Lower your stress (I know this is obvious but do it). Whatever it takes do it. Stress is a huge killer these days and is on the rise. Get a pen and paper and work out where your stress is coming from and start taking action steps to lower it – for the sake of your health gorgeous lady!
  • Get your hormone levels checked. Actually all of your health checked out. I’m a huge fan of Natropathy and other health professionals you can go to who will help you more with wellness than coming back from sickness. A good naturopath will check out what’s going on inside you and give you some nasty herbs and supplements for you to pinch your nose and down (but you feel much better for it – I did!)
  • Get into minimalism. Clear the clutter out of the house. Cluttered house – cluttered mind. That’s depressing. Kmart is awesome, but you probably don’t need all the crap (okay I don’t need all the crap lol)
  • Have a look at your expectations on yourself and your life. High expectations are great, too high are impossible.
  • The most radical change to your lifestyle comes from creating a radical change (wow lol). I’ve been creating an Online Business so that I can have more time in my day and work just a few hours around my family while creating an income. I see this as one of the biggest solutions for women today that can completely change our lives. If you want to learn how you can create an Online Business to create a Better Life then Click Here.

As Always, Take Care.


I’m a Blogger, Introvert, Old Soul, Chocolate Lover and a Mum from Australia. I passionately believe that ordinary people can and will change the world!
I believe the best way to create a better life with more time, money and travel is to own an online business based around your passions and I feel so strongly about helping women achieve it!
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