INFJ WomanGetting an overview of what it means to live as an INFJ Woman and experience the world

No I haven’t gone round the twist! You’re probably wondering what an INFJ actually is? I’ll be talking about a few different personality types in later posts, but this one is me so I have personal experience that I hope you will be able to connect with.

So what is an INFJ Woman?

What Is It And What Can You Learn?

INFJ WomanSo last year I came across the website 16 Personalities. You take the test and find out which of these personality types you are most similar to and it gives you some insights as to why you think and do what you do. I have found you have to be real with yourself when answering the questions, because a lot of people get wrong results because they may not answer correctly. Mine was very accurate and quite liberating too.

When I did the test I questioned the idea that the INFJ (or the “Advocate” Personality) was the rarest personality type, because 2 of my closest friends and my mother are that personality, and another 2 friends are INFPs. But that makes sense that you would be drawn to people like you – so I go with it.

We are all very different – one of my INFJ Women friends works in Marketing while the other is a coworker of mine in Remedial Massage.

What I found very useful from doing this test is why I am drawn to certain things (like needing a cause, caring professions and I always daydream about mastering a creative outlet). I believe good self awareness is foundational to help you make the choices about your life path that will give you the most satisfaction.

What Confused Me

The romance section I think can be very subjective because we are all unique and there can be more at play. I have always found these personality profiles to not give me the correct romance advice and I finally worked out why when both my dad and my partner did the test.

They both got the same result which actually surprised me – because on the surface they are both very different. They are both the ISTJ or “Logistician” personalities which I am not supposed to be compatible with as an INFJ Woman. But that’s just it! Because I grew up with my Dad and I watched my Mum’s relationship with him, I am comfortable with and I know how to respond to this kind of personality.

I would actually guess that my partner’s mother may possibly be close to my personality too. I’ll have to try to ask her to take the test haha.

But always remember when you take these tests that there are other factors that can come into play. My friend in Marketing is much more assertive than me, seems more extraverted (which is a facet of this personality) and allows herself to be more creative in different ways to me (which I am only now learning to embrace). My other friend who works with me is more nurturing, has an abundance factor that blows my mind, she’s very spiritual and has the most tender heart of gold. They are both very wise, insightful women and I respect them greatly.

What Other Websites Say

The best place to go to for information about this would actually be straight to the 16 Personalities website here.

INFJ WomanBut sometimes it’s good to get other people’s opinions. I went to Steller Maze and while I do agree with some things, I don’t particularly like the author and I think he’s a bit bitter or something. He got my attention either way which I guess is the aim of the game!

In a nutshell, he says INFJ Women:

  • Learn how to blend in, hide and adapt to different personalities
  • Our True Selves really only come in our creation and writings (there you go – you get to know the real me haha)
  • We hide our true selves because we believe this is the most sacred part of ourselves – and we are sensitive to criticism
  • We need people and to have a cause to fight for but it exhausts us so we are prone to burnout (don’t I know it!)
  • We are very intuitive and like to study the human condition

I don’t agree that he says we are secretly self centred and bad at long term relationships and want to live out some kind of hollywood passion. None of my friends are like that and neither am I. I think this is down to the individual and their life experiences. I work very well with my partner because as introverts we like a lot of alone time and are just happy the other is in the house. We are very supportive of each other’s endeavors and dreams and because we both have that, we function very well together (it’s been 2 years now). The other INFJs I know are the same.


Take it or leave it, I wanted to provide you with just a little insight from my experience as an INFJ woman. I really think this is a very practical tool for self-awareness and I would encourage you to take the time to take the test as it’s free. Just remember that you are an unique individual and these things are designed to just give you a little direction and insight.

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