Increase Emotional IntelligenceBeing Able To Control Our Emotions And Increase Emotional Intelligence Is Pivotal To Our Success In So Many Areas Of Our Lives

More and more today we are seeing people who didn’t do well in school really succeed in life – particularly business. Having a high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) benefits us in every part of our lives – including parenting and relationships. So what can you do to Increase Emotional Intelligence so you can grow in your relationships and fulfillment?

Okie Dokie, So What Is Emotional Intelligence? defines Emotional Intelligence as:

the ability to recognize your emotions, understand what they’re telling you, and realize how they affect the people around you. People who function at a high rate of emotional intelligence have the ability to adjust their behaviors and are more effective at recognizing and managing their own emotions as well as the emotions of others.

And this really struck me: Psych Central says it’s important because:

Increase Emotional Intelligence

Many of us move through life making important decisions based on our current circumstances. We may perceive them as being beyond our ability to change, thus limiting our options and solutions. Taking time to reflect and examining why we decide to do what we do enables us to lead lives determined by our conscious intentions rather than circumstances alone.


Breakin’ It Down

So you can see why it’s so important. The 6 areas you want to focus on improving include:

  • Self-Awareness – Know thy self
  • Empathy – Feel Others Emotions (Learn More About Empathy Here)
  • Self-Regulation – Controlling Your Impulses (and not strangling some people lol)
  • Motivation – Being able to wait for long term results instead of short term success
  • Social Skills – Connecting and Understanding Others
  • Happiness – More than just smiling peeps! Feel it deep and understanding the connection to giving


A Word Of Warning

increase emotional intelligenceI was reading something very interesting and different on The Babble Out by Zoe Miller about Emotional Intelligence. She said:

In one Harvard study of EI as a factor of negotiation skill, they produced more evidence of the value of EI as part of a negotiator’s skill set. Surprisingly, they also noted that it did not always correlate with a mutually favorable result in those negotiations. They think it possible that the high level of empathy that is a part of EI may have led negotiators to concede more advantages during negotiations than they needed to.

And that’s something I know I can do sometimes! I always have to remember to go into any negotiation with what I want in mind so that I can meet someone half way rather than have them negotiate me down further.



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