Giving Back

My own personal belief is that service and community are integral parts to finding fulfillment. Being a part of something bigger than yourself. There are so many people in the world who are vulnerable, sick and in desperate need of our help and I believe that if each and every one of us picked just one or two charities and focused on giving what we can, time and or money, we can change the world.

You don’t have to pick the biggest fight. I believe all charities and community causes are important, so whichever you pick, choose something that you can feel passionate about.

One of my mentors is involved in helping train Service Dogs which help those who are disabled and need of assistance and can be life saving.

If you have lost someone to heart disease or cancer, that is something you can really become passionate about fighting and supporting those in need.

This is called Altruism.

My own family has supported multiple charities over the years, but none have been as important to myself as Destiny Rescue.

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To me, there is no greater horror than human trafficking and child sexual exploitation.

I really want to encourage you, even if you can share their page on Facebook, it’s something. It all starts with creating more conversations about a topic. It starts with giving a little time or money, if that’s all you have.

These are the things that we should be having more conversations about and fighting for – not pulling each other down and having petty arguments.

Service and community – that is what makes life full.

Click here to go to Destiny Rescue and visit their sharable section for social media and start creating awareness around Human Trafficking. If you are able to give more that would be amazing too.

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