I feel so fired up because I just see this as the solution to so many issues we as women are facing today! Issues with the wage gap, living with purpose, finding fulfillment, creativity and so so much more! You have everything you need inside of you, you freaken awesome chickette! You know why? Because you are unique! And you can capitalize on it! You just have to know how.Eh? What are you on about lady?

I feel so fired up because I just see this as the solution to so many issues we as women are facing today! Issues with the wage gap, living with purpose, finding fulfillment, creativity and so so much more! You have everything you need inside of you, you freaken awesome chickette! You know why? Because you are unique! And you can capitalize on it! You just have to know how.


Hi everyone! My name is Kathryn and I’m from Women Seeking Wisdom! And you know what? Today I’m feeling a little bit more fired up, a little bit more energetic!

I was really thinking about empowerment, and I think that fulfillment and all these different things which sound like really wonderful sort of airy fairy concepts but the idea of taking all these things and making them real. Making them real in your own life, my life, everyone’s lives and what does that actually look like? What does that actually entail?

And I thinking about how, a year ago actually now, I was asked what does my ideal day look like?

And really when you stop sit down, you know you stop you sit down you think about it and you write that down, and I’m not talking about like a holiday. I’m talking about your average everyday work day. How can you make that brilliant?

actually achieve goalsFor me, I’d love to wake up with energy! I’d like to do maybe yoga or go to the gym. I’d love to, you know, be able to work, you know, enjoy my job. Feel fulfilled in the sense that I know that I’m being creative. I know that I’m contributing. To me, that’s what I find fulfilling, is yeah, creativity and service.

But for you it might be something different. You might have some particular subject or something that you love to learn about. You might have a musical instrument that you love to play or something. Anything. But just sitting down and actually writing down a realistic sort of day that would really make you feel just either peaceful or excited or something. To me that is a really great way to take something from being abstract to concrete.

And so for myself when I look at what’s stopping me from having my ideal day, one of my biggest obstacles right now is I actually I’ve had a long-term issue with sleeping. I’m in the habit of waking up at about 2 to 3 a.m. every night and then I’m awake for a couple of hours. And I can’t seem to break the habit so you know I am taking steps and fixing that. So you know, getting herbs and talking to the doctor and doing different things because it is long term. And that’s cool, that’s fine. So that’s my challenge at the moment, but what’s stopping you from living your ideal day? 

And I think if you actually break it down then it’s probably more achievable than you actually think.

I was just thinking about even expanding that out into life and what would make you feel fulfilled in life?

What actually are your values? What do you want to achieve? For a lot of people its travel. Or its connection. It’s meeting like-minded people, which you kind of don’t really know the value of until you actually do it. And so that’s why you know on a part of this community that is just so we really do look at empowerment and entrepreneurship and all sorts of different things vary from a very similar perspective. And that is incredible having that connection with people all over the world.

And yeah so a lot of these people, I’m not exactly the same as them because they want to be able to travel with their laptops and go see different places in the world. And I think I’d like to do that possibly in 10 years time or more. But right now I’m a mum and this is where I want to be.

But it’s having the power of being able to make that decision and I think you know what would make you feel happy . What would make you feel fulfilled. What is a good way to you to express yourself creatively, because I think that we are creative beings and creativity is quite broad.

And so this is why I absolutely love my online business. Particularly because it’s about helping people and that’s what I think makes me feel fulfilled. It’s being able to help others, serve others and provide value and different things.

But for other people I know, with the Women’s Marches they went that long ago. And I’m more of a humanist than a feminist. I guess in that I am a feminist but in the sense that I’m also a human rights advocate and different things. But you know there is a lot of talk about the wage gap between men and women. And i see this as a solution because you’re no longer in competition with anyone when you’re being authentic to yourself. Because there is only one you.

There is only you.

You are going to draw like-minded people to yourself and that can be men and women. For me, I’ve chosen Women Seeking Wisdom. This is what I find fulfilling. But for you it might be something completely different. And yeah. I just want to encourage you to take the step of moving from abstract to concrete, and just you know, write things down. Find little things that are going to make you feel fulfilled. Start moving toward your ideal day.

You know, if you’ve always dreamed of like, you know you need some form of creative outlets, that’s fine. You’re not going to be good at at first, but start start now. Life is too short to to not live you know! And I think sometimes I don’t know.
empathy vs projection
I know for myself I have all these feelings inside of me and I felt like sort of i don’t know like it just stirring inside me but I couldn’t find the words. And now I just see the answers are so much more simple than I really thought ever thought that they were.

The simplicity of it is just finding those small solutions and making and turning it into something bigger that you can’t see right now.

Anyway, I don’t want to get too deep but if you start with that. Just start with planning your ideal day. Write it down. Write down your values, What is it that you value and think about what would make you feel really happy fulfilled and just do it!

Okay! I’ll talk to you later! Alright have a wonderful day, and take care of you!

Take care of your family, and you always.

See ya 😀

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