ego vs consciousnessNever give up. I’ve said it time and time again because it’s the key. We have inside each of us, a part of ourselves that wants to keep us safe. The problem is that this part of ourselves can stop us from achieving success and the goals we have set out for. Why? Because it is unknown – and the unknown is scary and may not be safe. So what can we do to overcome this? We must first become conscious of it. Let’s have a look at how you are holding yourself back in Ego Vs Consciousness.

No We Aren’t Talking About Having A Fat Head!


Usually when we talk about “The Ego” we picture arrogance and people I generally want to clobber over the head with a rolled up newspaper “You are better than no one else!” I want to yell. But… that’s not appropriate, it wouldn’t work and I’m a chicken so I don’t do it haha.

So there are a few definitions of the Ego, (and here is the one by Freud which I will go into in another post), but essentially it is the part of you that keeps you safe… through fear.

Rob White defines The Ego in this way:

All of your ego’s responses come out of fear. He / she who acts fearlessly, is acting from authenticity (which is different from the ego). The ego is your coat of armor; it’s what you use to protect yourself.

So what is important is to recognize that there are many parts to you gorgeous lady! This part of you has kept you safe, but it also has kept you back. This is why we need to be able to move above our Ego so that we can be confidently move towards our goals without self sabotage.

And No We Aren’t Talking About Being Awake


Okay I’ll be straight. I’m totally into Eckhart Tolle right now. One of my wonderful coaches Patty (who is helping me create an online business so I can do this full time eventually) recommended Eckart’s book “The Power Of Now” and it’s just blowing my mind. I’m definitely ready for his teachings.

So Eckhart talks about Consciousness in this video here as:

Consciousness is not something that you have… you can’t take conscious with you [when you die] because there isn’t you and consciousness. You don’t have it, you are it… what you think of you – the person, the entity, is not who you are. The essence of who you are is consciousness… what you perceive yourself, the person, who you are, is an expression of consciousness in a certain evolutionary stage… Consciousness is becoming self aware through you…

Okay so I know that’s a bit of a mind twist. I hope it makes sense. Basically there are many parts to you, and Consciousness is the true you that is hidden behind the Ego and other parts. Eckhart talks about many parts of ourselves, but the first step is to become aware of our thoughts, feelings and being here in the present moment.

It’s About Having Self-Awareness Of Your Thoughts And Emotions And Not Allowing The Ego To Create Problems


A very big part of this is being in the present moment and embracing it. For a long time I haven’t understood why people get so upset about the weather. Or they seem to create all of these problems for themselves.

The weather will do what it’s going to do, rug up or cool down and enjoy life! No amount of planning or excessive reflecting will change the past or present. I totally get that your life situation may be crappola right now and now what you want it to be, which is why you need to problem solve and have goals, but you also need to find the good in the moment because this moment is all that you have. And gratitude is the foundation for fulfillment which you can have now.

All you have in your life is right NOW. It’s very hard for me to summarize so much wisdom from Eckhart’s book, but I found it here on Youtube for free (naughty people!).

The idea is you are constantly letting go of the past and future, and living in this moment now. Yes you still make plans and goals, but you still enjoy this moment. This moment now is where your power is. You have no power over the past or future, only now.

I’m going to let Eckhart explain about stopping the “Pain-Body” in it’s tracks where he talks to Oprah in this video below.

I’ve also included this video that someone made about living in the Present Moment which is short but worth your time.

I really hope you have found incredible value in this – I know these simple teachings are already changing my life. By applying what I have learned I am already living in the present moment more. Doing things properly, worrying less about lack of time, focusing on my exercises and what I’m doing. Appreciating the moments with my partner and my daughter. The quality of my life has already improved because of this simple lesson: Live in the now.

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about all of this!

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