Ego Vs Consciousness – Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back!

Ego Vs Consciousness – Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back!

ego vs consciousnessNever give up. I’ve said it time and time again because it’s the key. We have inside each of us, a part of ourselves that wants to keep us safe. The problem is that this part of ourselves can stop us from achieving success and the goals we have set out for. Why? Because it is unknown – and the unknown is scary and may not be safe. So what can we do to overcome this? We must first become conscious of it. Let’s have a look at how you are holding yourself back in Ego Vs Consciousness. (more…)

I’m a Blogger, Introvert, Old Soul, Chocolate Lover and a Mum from Australia. I passionately believe that ordinary people can and will change the world!
I believe the best way to create a better life with more time, money and travel is to own an online business based around your passions and I feel so strongly about helping women achieve it!
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