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Empaths And Narcissists – Why I Changed My Perspective

For a few years now I've swayed back and forth about my opinion of whether it's helpful to call myself and friends "Empaths" and people who are selfish and hurtful "Narcissists". There is a lot of misconception out there (like what is an Introvert really?) and I do...

Create Affiliate Banners – Monetise Your Blog and Passion

I get a lot of questions about starting your own blog and website so I wanted to answer them here. People like Gary Vaynerchuk are huge on hustling to create an online business based on your passions. Today I wanted to share with you one way you can massively monetise...

Ego Vs Consciousness – Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back!

Never give up. I've said it time and time again because it's the key. We have inside each of us, a part of ourselves that wants to keep us safe. The problem is that this part of ourselves can stop us from achieving success and the goals we have set out for. Why?...

What It Means To Be An INFJ Woman

Getting an overview of what it means to live as an INFJ Woman and experience the world No I haven't gone round the twist! You're probably wondering what an INFJ actually is? I'll be talking about a few different personality types in later posts, but this one is me so...

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