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It’s time to stop limiting your possibilities!

It’s YOUR time now. It’s time to stop limiting YOU!

Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Women Seeking Wisdom is about supporting you in bringing out your true self, finding your voice and passion, as well as creating abundance for yourself and your family. 


It’s about growing and being brave enough to be true to yourself and to your values!
I believe in you! It’s time to live your life fully, with purpose and for you! 

My Name Is Kathryn!

I’m fired up to help women live purpose driven lives that are both passionate and prosperous!

The Latest From My Bloggy Blog 😀

The Deepest Joy: How Do We Find Fulfillment?

Ahhh Fulfillment. For so many of us this is the ultimate goal. To live a full life where we have lived, loved, worked hard and played hard and truly experienced everything this life has to offer. To look back with few regrets and know we gave our time here on Mother...

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Can You Trust Anything You Hear These Days?

I actually find it a bit depressing when I really think about it. You can't seem to trust anything you see or hear these days. But none of this is new. There has been misinformation out there since humans have existed. Authorities pushing their political agendas, even...

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Why I Think You Should Be Rich

There is enough to go around for everyone. I truly believe that. I was raised with the idea that you could either be rich… or be good. This myth that you have to be ruthless and sacrifice everything you have and stand for to be rich… is exactly that – a myth. I use to...

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Are You Your Own Biggest Enemy?

What are you doing to yourself? Actually, what am I doing to myself?! I remember hearing years ago that if we spoke to our friends the way we spoke to ourselves we'd be really lonely. And it's so true! Gosh we know how to put the boot in... to ourselves! We know we...

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